Who's Romney's VP Pick? There's an App for That

Smart phone app will send users an "exclusive notification."

With the Democratic and Republican contenders having been set for months, the national media has needed a new storyline. So for weeks now, we've been hearing about the seemingly endless choices for Mitt Romney's running mate.

Will it be Marco Rubio, Condi Rice, or even New Hampshire's own Kelly Ayotte? Romney isn't saying, and some are speculating that he might wait all the way until the Republican National Convention at the end of this month.

Fortunately, there's a way to make sure you're among the first who find out when Romney does make his announcement – download the free "Mitt's VP app" that the Romney campaign unveiled last week.

According to an email from campaign adviser Beth Myers, it's the only way "to be the first to get the VP scoop."

Lamontagne announces 'Women for Ovide' coalition

Republican gubernatorial candidate Ovide Lamontagne released his "Women for Ovide" coalition at an event on Thursday in Concord, consisting of more than 600 business and community leaders from all 10 counties and more than 125 New Hampshire cities and towns.

“I am honored to have such a distinguished and diverse group of New Hampshire women supporting my candidacy,” Lamontagne said. “As wives and mothers, employers and employees, these women understand the challenges facing New Hampshire and our economy, and they recognize the need for common sense, experienced leadership in Concord to pull us together and move New Hampshire forward."

The coalition is being led by former New Hampshire First Lady Kathy Gregg, and includes dozens of local residents like Kathy Van Anglen of Bedford, Carole Alfano of Exeter, State Rep. Lynne Ferrari-Blankenbeker of Concord, Sandra Ziehm and State Rep. Nancy Elliot of Nashua, State Rep. Lenette Peterson of Merrimack, Evelyn Marconi of Portsmouth, Valerie White of Hampton, Joanne Horvath of North Hampton, State Rep. Marilinda Garcia of Salem, and Jadine Levesque of Windham.

Smith announces more endorsements

Kevin Smith, Lamontagne's opponent in the Republican primary, announced Friday that state Reps. Ed Moran, Carol McGuire and Al Baldasaro have all endorsed him in the governor's race.

Moran is chairman of the House Children and Family Law Committee, McGuire chairs the Executive Departments and Administration Committee, and Baldasaro is chairman of the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committees.

"I am honored to continue to gain the support of the Committee Chairmen who head up some of the most important committees in the House," Smith said. "I think their support points to the fact that no candidate in this race is more prepared to begin governing on day one than I am."

Romney campaign talks small business

On Thursday, the Romney campaign held events in Seabrook and Manchester where small business owners spoke of how they need a president who can "restore America as the best place in the world to find a job, start a business or hire a worker."

State Sen. Russell Prescott, R-Kingston, spoke at the "Strengthening the Middle Class" event at Hale Bros Inc. in Seabrook.

“Instead of working to streamline regulation, eliminate onerous rules that stifle creativity, or provide a blueprint to allow our entrepreneurs to thrive, the president belittles their efforts," he said. "It’s about time we bring back a champion of small-business to the White House. It’s about time we elect Mitt Romney as president.”

Dems hammer Romney's tax plan

Meanwhile, the Obama campaign held events across the state on Friday to focus attention on the tax increase they say middle class families would face if Romney's tax plan were implemented.

At OFA-NH offices in towns like Exeter, Portsmouth, Salem, Nashua and Concord, the campaign set up "tax evaluator portals" where New Hampshire residents could stop by and find out how much more they'd have to pay under Romney's tax plan.

Stonyfield chairman endorses Cilley

Stonyfield Farm Chairman and New Hampshire native Gary Hirshberg last week announced his decision to support Democrat Jackie Cilley's campaign for governor. 

Hirshberg is best known for building Londonderry's Stonyfield Farm into a nationally known company, but he's also a leading advocate for organic and sustainable agriculture and sustainable energy.

"When Governor Lynch announced he wouldn't seek another term, I seriously considered running myself," Hirshberg said. "I have watched this race unfold and I know who our next governor should be: Jackie Cilley. She has the strength, the independence and the vision to lead our state forward in these challenging times."

Medicare supporters endorse Kuster

A day after marking the 47th anniversary of Medicare at senior centers in Nashua and Salem, Democratic 2nd District Congressional candidate Annie Kuster on Tuesday received the endorsement of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare at a press conference in Concord.

Phillip Rotondi of NCPSSM praised Kuster for her commitment to protecting Medicare and Social Security for future generations.

“Annie will take to Washington exactly the kind of common sense leadership needed to protect American families,” Rotondi said. “She is on record and committed fully to fight the tough fight to protect and strengthen Medicare on behalf of New Hampshire residents and all Americans.”

Rich August 07, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Mark A. Buckawicki August 07, 2012 at 12:42 PM
Impressive critical thinking skills.
Seamus Carty August 07, 2012 at 01:08 PM
My guess is Marc Rubio... It would be fun to see how the Democratic Party political machine and the media try to slander the Hispanic guy....
essay August 07, 2012 at 04:33 PM
Fun and easy. Take a look at the Rubio's financial past. S.H.A.D.Y. He used the state GOP credit card for personal use: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/04/22/gop-credit-scandal-threatens-halt-rubios-momentum-primary/ Also, he lied about when his parents left Cuba. He initially claimed they left in 1959 when Castro was in power, when, in fact, they left in 1956, before Castro came into power. Meaning: his parents were not political exiles, as he long claimed.
Oedipus August 07, 2012 at 05:57 PM
Right you are essay, Mr Rubio is a very articulate and knowledgeable politician who is well versed on the issues of the day and is always up to date and knowledgeable on any given subject. Which is why his excuse about getting the date of his parents emigration from Cuba wrong just doesn't wash. He attempted to gain sympathy from anti-Castro Cubans and American conservatives by portraying his family as being political refugees when nothing could be further from the truth. His family left Cubea freely years before Castro ever came to power, this is fact and very well documented. Of course all that pales in comparison to being a multi-millionaire USA citizen who didn't pay a dime in taxes for ten years thanks to shell companies, tax shelters and Swiss bank accounts.


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