VIDEO: The N.H. Primary, A Tourist Attraction?

One Colorado retiree is back to meet more candidates.

Bruce Moir is one lucky political junkie.

Most Republicans in places like Colorado rarely get to meet presidential primary candidates. By the time the primary voting contests get to his state, they are all but over. But Moir actually gets to meet presidential candidates in person – here in New Hampshire.

This is the second time he has visited New Hampshire right in the middle of the First-in-the-Nation campaign season. In 2008, his son, , a human resource manager and local musician, took his father around to meet and . This time around, it was , at At-Large City Councilor Mark Coen's house in West Concord.

Bruce called Huntsman "interesting" and said it was "very good to hear him," but, “I’m still watching very closely.”

Some people in Colorado do keep an eye on the Iowa Caucuses, Bruce said, because they are close by. But it’s not the same as being able to actually meet the candidates, something voters can do here in New Hampshire.  

Both Glenn and Bruce admit that the tourist attraction of meeting the candidates isn't planned ... it's just kind of happens this way. However, it all works out.

“You hear it first here in New Hampshire,” Bruce said.


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