VIDEO: Mary Anne Huntsman Performs Piano for Concord Seniors

Daughters drop by Havenwood-Heritage Heights.

Former Utah Gov. eldest daughters campaigned in Concord on Jan. 7, asking seniors at Havenwood-Heritage Heights to consider voting for their father in the First-in-the-Nation primary.

In the basement auditorium where voters in Ward 9 cast their ballots, the daughters (and one son-in-law) talked about their father's campaign, answered some personal questions about him, and took a stab at a couple of public policy questions, acknowledging that they weren't up on every issue.

However, the highlight of the 35-minute event was a piano performance by Mary Anne Huntsman, which received rousing applause from the seniors. Mary Anne, who has been playing the instrument since she was 3, was schooled at the Manhattan School of Music. She played pieces by Rachmaninoff and Liszt, and apologized for her chops being a bit rusty.

"It's actually a treat for me because I haven't been able to play at all on the campaign trail," she said. "I'm so excited to be able to sit down with you all."

The seniors didn't seem to notice if there was any sloppiness and were exceedingly impressed by her playing, cheering her twice and asking her for an encore. While looking at all the smiles during the performance, one couldn't help but think how many votes and supporters Huntsman could have earned having Mary Anne play every senior center in the state of New Hampshire.

As they were about to leave, one senior said to the girls, "My wife has asked me to tell you that we appreciate that you were not negative today." The girls smiled and thanked the couple.

Jon Huntsman

Jayden Hill January 07, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Nice video! I enjoyed it. Jon 2012!


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