NH Lottery Hopes to Score with New Patriots Scratch Ticket

Game launches today; Gov. Lynch, Bob Kraft rally at the Statehouse Friday.

The has a new $5 scratch ticket game based on the football team.

The game launches today in stores and tomorrow, there will be a rally at the to celebrate the new ticket.

Players have winning numbers in the shape of footballs and in order to win, need to match the numbers behind Patriot helmets. Match the numbers and win the prize shown. Get a field goal symbol, and the player will win that prize. If a player gets a touchdown symbol, the player will win 15 prizes, according to the lottery website.

The top prize is $50,000 with more than one million tickets ordered. Out of one million tickets, there are more than 83,000 $10 winning tickets, 124 $500 prize tickets, 60 $1,000 prize tickets, and four $50,000 winning tickets. Odds to win a prize are 1 in 4.15.

Non-winning tickets can be entered into a drawing to win Patriots tickets, including 2013 season, playoff, and home game tickets.

Gov. , Patriots owner Robert Kraft, former player Steve Nelson, the team’s cheerleading squad and mascot will be at the Statehouse at 10 a.m. on Aug. 31.

Brennan Newfield August 30, 2012 at 05:49 PM
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