Is Rick Perry Done?

The Texas governor's debate gaffe dominated our Patch live blog panelists' comments.

The usual post-debate talk of winners and losers went out the window as soon as Rick Perry forgot the third government agency he wanted to cut. Here's a quick recap of what our Patch debate blog panelists had to say about the Texas governor's gaffe:

We The People Founder Jennifer Horn of Nashua: Gov. Perry, Oh no...

Pat Griffin, senior fellow at Saint Anselm College's New Hampshire Institute of Politics: We have been slowly watching Rick Perry lose this race almost from the time he entered it. Tonight he's now officially "toast"... Mitt Romney humming "Hail to the Chief" to himself right about now.

University of New Hampshire professor Dante Scala: There's poor debating, and then there's that horror show we just saw. Oops.... Do you hear screaming? Sounds a little like (Perry advisor) Dave Carney.

Bedford's Steve Poschmann: Perry had worst moment in a debate in recent memory by forgetting the 3rd agency he would eliminate.

Conservative blogger William Smith from Merrimack: Rick Perry: #DebateFAIL.

Salem Republican Jeff Hatch: Not sure of a winner largely because I didn't see the entire debate. But from what I did see, Gov. Perry should save his money and go back to Texas

Former State Rep. Fran Wendelboe: I agree that Perry is probably done, Bachmann has been done, Santorum – we have a phrase for it down south – bless his heart. Cain, sounds good but not sure he can recover from the recent charges.... and I don't think 999 works. So that leaves Romney doing everything he needed to do tonight. He is just like smooth butter, goes on easy. Newt could step in that number two slot. Huntsman can't do it without more than a NH base. Paul, wish we could take a part of him and put it in all the other candidates as to his position on the fed and debt.

Former State Rep. Jim Splaine, D-Portsmouth: Rick Perry continues his adventure. Poor, yes – but this wasn't a nationally-telecast debate. He'll laugh off some of his silly confusion and the election in New Hampshire (Iowa too, though theirs isn't a real election, just a caucus) is well underway.

And here's what the Twitterverse and Facebook had to say:

@AmeliaChasse: #FAIL Rick Perry can't remember the 3rd federal agency he will eliminate as prez...yeesh

@MarcNo: Goodnight Rick Perry. OMG!

Dan Tuohy November 10, 2011 at 01:06 PM
Fellow Texan Ron Paul tried to help his neighbor, but the debate life-line missed. What federal agencies would you cut? (If any).
Tom Linehan November 10, 2011 at 09:00 PM
Why I support Rick Perry for President. Texas has a long held tradition akin to a Horatio Alger story. Rick Perry did not invent that quality. But as the longest serving governor in Texas history, he has methodically fostered that ethic to the benefit of Texas and Texans. When Katrina struck in 2005, Rick Perry led Texas in welcoming more than 250,000 refugees. Many thousands more relocated themselves. Most now consider Texas their home. Katrina was no fluke. More than a hundred thousand Americans each year move to Texas from all over this country. The main reason is the quality of life. People keep much more of their hard earned money. Retirees and young families live better. Business relocation to Texas is even more impressive. From startups to giant firms, the attitude of the government of Texas under Rick Perry is “What can we do for you?” All this is no accident. Just as Rick Perry led the rescue of Katrina victims, he has promoted pro growth policies that have spawned remarkable population and economic expansion. As President, Rick Perry will bring that same results oriented approach and that same prosperity to the whole of this country as he has to Texas. The growth in Texas is the direct result of Rick Perry’s long and consistent practice of good governance.
-Paul- November 11, 2011 at 06:56 PM
I hope so ... And Fran, I wish we could take the foreign policy of Ron Paul and put it into all the warmongering neocons who love endless, reckless nationbuilding, occupations, murderous sanctions (e.g. the one on Iraq that the clinton administration admitted directly caused the death of half a million children), bombings, assassinations, subsidies to dictators, etc. This sort of behavior stirs up quite understandable hatred towards the US (what would your reaction be if other countries treated us this way?), causes increased violence, and will bankrupt us in short order. Whatever happened to the 'humble foreign policy' with 'no nationbuilding' that bush campaigned on? Is that now a non-starter in the party that makes the increasingly absurd claim to be for smaller government? A government trying to subsidize the half of the world, bomb, threaten, blockade, invade, or force regime change on the other half, provide free security to everyone, etc, is not a small government.
Jan Schmidt November 12, 2011 at 12:57 AM
From taxes to executions, from secession to hungry children - Perry is a bad governor and would make a worse pres than Bush. http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/14-reasons-why-rick-perry-would-be-a-really-really-bad-president


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