Huntsman Rallies in Concord

Makes quick stop at historic Eagle Square.

To hoots and hollers of “Country First!” and “Go Jon, Go,” former Utah Gov. held a quick campaign rally in in Concord on Jan. 9, promising to prove the pundits wrong and best current polls showing him in a tight race for third in New Hampshire with former Pennsylvania Sen. and former Speaker , potentially surging toward U.S. Rep. , R-Texas, who has been safely ensconced in second place for a number of weeks.

“Can you feel the energy folks?” he said, to cheers from about 150 to 200 people and a cadre of local and national media outlets.

Huntsman predicted that he would “do well” if his volunteers continued to organize, make phone calls, knock on doors, and get-out-the-vote. He said “the good people of New Hampshire” cast a vote based on the best candidate to defeat both the economic and trust deficits.

“We’re going to turn conventional wisdom upside down tomorrow night,” he said. “Are you with me?”

After the short speech, Huntsman ducked into , a high-end furniture store on North Main Street, for a short television interview and then darted off to other campaign stops.

Jon Huntsman


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