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CANDIDATE BIO: Michael Tierney for Executive Council

Meet your local candidates for state office in the 2012 Primary Election.

Michael J. Tierney,

Republican for Executive Council – District 2

Date of birth: February 4, 1977
Your background/education: Dartmouth College/ Notre Dame Law School, Magna cum Laude
Experience/Occupation: Attorney at Wadleigh, Starr & Peters, formerly high school teacher in St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Prior elected office: None
Personal: Married with children
Priorities for NH and your view of the Executive Council’s role in state government?  The role of the Executive Council is to act as a check on the power of the governor.  We need an executive councilor who will say no to wasteful and excessive spending and regulation.  

Why are you running?
In recent years we have seen a tremendous growth in the size of government both at the state and federal levels. Individuals' free choices are threatened each time the government decides it will take over and pay for a particular product or service. Whenever the size of government increases, individual liberties decrease. Each time the government increases its expenditures, it must either increase taxes or burden the next generation with an increased deficit. Each time the government decides it will “pay” for a product or service, we limit our own free choices and we all must pay.

The Executive Council plays a vital role in preventing excessive government spending.  We need Councilors who will protect individual liberties by keeping the size of government small.  We need Councilors who will say no to excessive and wasteful government spending.

My Democratic opponents are running in order to increase the amount of excessive and wasteful government spending. The Democrats state that they are running for the purpose of reinstating public funding of New Hampshire’s largest abortion provider: Planned Parenthood. This is simply wrong. For too many years, Planned Parenthood has received millions of dollars in government subsidies. While taking this money, Planned Parenthood has been posting large profits. In 2008 and 2009, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America reported a surplus of over $25 million.1

The Democrats justify giving your tax dollars to Planned Parenthood on the theory that the government needs to be providing free or reduced cost birth control as a necessary government service.   Nevertheless, in an email between federal HHS officials, it was admitted that birth control pills were less expensive at Walmart than at Planned Parenthood.  What next – will we be providing tax payer subsidies to Walmart?

It is not hard to understand why the Democrats are working so hard to give your tax dollars away to Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and its allies give millions of dollars back to Democratic candidates. One of the Democratic candidates for the Executive Council, District 2, started his campaign with a fundraiser headlining Planned Parenthood CEO Steve Trombley.2

The wasteful subsidies to Planned Parenthood are just one example of how my philosophy differs from that of my opponents. In the next two years, several billion dollars of government contracts from health care to housing to transportation are likely to come before the Executive Council. New Hampshire deserves to have a Councilor who will prudently make sure that the state is spending its limited resources wisely. While my opponents will tell you about all of the ways in which they plan to increase spending, I think it is time to draw some lines and say no to more excessive and wasteful spending. While my opponents would approve appointments to state agencies who will, through increased regulation, tell the citizens of New Hampshire how to live their lives and manage their affairs, I will only approve appointments of officials who understand that government should strive to have as limited a role in citizen’s lives as possible.  The people of New Hampshire do not need a nanny telling them how to live their lives and spend their money. The people of New Hampshire need an Executive Council which will act as a check on excessive and wasteful government spending and approve appointees who believe in a small and limited government.


Tina August 20, 2012 at 08:41 PM
If only Tierney were sophisticated to understand the issues in depth. NH taxpayers are subsidizing Wal-Mart, and organizations like Planned Parenthood remain a critical point of access to care, preventing the costs of unplanned pregnancy and STI complications. One taxpayer dollar spent on the services PP provides, saves nearly $4. And as per "subsidy watch": Many Wal-Mart workers are ineligible for health coverage from their employer or choose not to purchase what is available, because it is too expensive or too limited in scope. These workers often turn to taxpayer-funded health programs such as Medicaid. In May 2005 the Associated Press reported that it had obtained a report from the state Department of Health and Human Services on those employers in New Hampshire with the most workers (or their dependents) enrolled in Medicaid or the Healthy Kids Silver program. The employer at the top of the list in both categories was Wal-Mart, which had 487 of its 8,500 workers in the state getting subsidized coverage. Source: Norma Love, "State, Retail Workers High on List of Needing Health-care Subsidy," Associated Press, May 12, 2005. We need a candidate that understands the issues. Tierney clearly does not.
Michael Tierney August 21, 2012 at 02:41 AM
The fact that Walmart employees enrolled their children in the Healthy Kids Silver program does not justify giving tax payer subsidies to corporations such as Planned Parenthood. All of the services that Planned Parenthood provides are also provided by general service health care providers. Neither Tina nor Planned Parenthood have presented convincing evidence that Planned Parenthood needs a bailout from the state of New Hampshire.
ForThePeople August 21, 2012 at 03:05 AM
Actually, I also had a friend working at Walmart making peanuts with healthcare that wouldn't cover his malady. Full-time overnight shift. I don't think you understand what it's like for the majority of citizens. My guess would be you have some religious hangups and an elitist attitude. Confirm or deny? Planned Parenthood is somewhere you can get birth control, family planning services, sexually-transmitted disease checks, and yes it can help you find a clinic/pill for an abortion. This is important for people that don't have access to general healthcare (that's a lot of people). Let's be real and cut through the crap. We already have plenty of your clones trashing the state so more money can go to big business. Need proof? Look at the cigarette tax cut, where did that money go? I don't think you understand or care about real people. Please find something else to do besides trashing the state.


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