Teen Arrested After Chase at Concord High Football Game

Homeless man now faces numerous charges.

A former Northfield teen that has reportedly had a number of run-ins with the Concord and Bow police during the summer recently led police on a wild goose chase through the fields of Memorial Field.

According to an affidavit from the Sixth Circuit District Division Court, Tyler Hoyt, 18, a homeless teen formerly of Northfield, was approached by police working a detail at the Concord High School football game at Memorial Field on Aug. 31. One of the officers reportedly saw a teenager, later identified as Hoyt, smoking a cigarette near the concession stand, a violation of the city ordinance prohibiting smoking in city parks.

The officer reportedly approached Hoyt and spoke to him about the ordinance violation. Hoyt reportedly gave the officer a paper, temporary state operating license, while the officer checked with dispatch about any outstanding violations or warrants. Hoyt allegedly told the officer he was homeless but staying with friends on Holly Street.

Dispatch reported several minutes later that Hoyt had an arrest warrant from the Bow Police Department on a theft charge.

The officer reported, “As I went to place him under arrest, he began to run from me.”

Hoyt allegedly ran towards the football bleachers, between the baseball and softball fields, as the officer reportedly gave a foot chase and yelled at him to stop. The officer stated that for most of the foot chase, he was able to stay within 15 feet of Hoyt.

“(Hoyt) made it to the softball field first base side dugouts and turned north into the field,” the officer wrote. “I briefly lost sight of him as he turned into the field.”

After losing sight of Hoyt, the officer reported that he began to double back and allegedly saw Hoyt trying to squeeze between two fences. Hoyt reportedly jumped the fence and the officer continued after him.

While reportedly running along the tree line, Hoyt went into the woods. While the officer reported hearing “crashing in the woods headed in a north westerly direction,” he was giving dispatch updates and other officers began to arrive at the scene.

The search, however, proved fruitless. 

Another officer later caught up with two of Hoyt’s friends, according to the affidavit, who were seen on Redington Road near the WKXL broadcast studios. They reportedly stated that after seeing the officer chase after Hoyt, they left the area.

After the game, the reporting officer returned to headquarters and began to do research on Hoyt and found that he was out on bail due to other charges: On Aug. 11, for unauthorized use of a propelled vehicle and drug charges; on Aug. 20, for drugs, alcohol, and bail charges.

The officer filed the affidavit for the resisting arrest charge and two counts of breach of bail. Hoyt was arrested the next day.

About a week later, Hoyt was arrested again on drug, stolen property, and breach of bail charges.


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