‘Nazi’ Gang Members Arrested in Connection with Concord Drug Robbery

Police say three were involved in robbing another man on Redington Road in February.

A multi-month investigation into an apparent drug robbery gone back culminated in the arrest of three by Concord Police Department during the eight days.

Matthew Peters, 22, of Highland Street, Daniel Boothby, 25, of Pleasant Street, and Margo McNair, 37, of Concord, were all arrested on various charges in connection to an incident on Feb. 1, in the area of Redington Road and Gale Street.

According to Lt. Timothy O’Malley, the commander of the criminal investigations unit for the department, officers were called to that area around 10 p.m. of the night in question for a report of a man and woman, later identified as McNair, being robbed at gunpoint.

The alleged victims stated that two men – later alleged to be Peters and Boothby – were wearing masks and forced their way into a van being driven by McNair. One held a gun to McNair’s head, ordering her into the back of the van while the other allegedly struck the man, who was a passenger, in the head and forced him to the floor. The man sustained facial and head trauma in the incident, including losing teeth in the beating, according to police.

Peters and Boothby then drove the van while the man and McNair were held at gunpoint. But the man later escaped, went to a local home, and had residents call the police.

Peters and Boothby reportedly later exited the van and fled the scene on foot.

Both McNair and the male victim were later arrested on possession of controlled drugs charges.

A bag of cocaine and heroin was found in a duffle bag near the incident area, according to witnesses.

As police investigated the incident though, they alleged that McNair was a conspirator with Peters and Boothby to rob the man.

Both Peters and Boothby, police allege, are also “members of a violent criminal street gang known as the Brotherhood of White Warriors,” or BOWW, a gang being investigated by both the Department of Corrections and the NH State Police for “violent offenses” inside the prison system.

“This gang formed in the NH State Prison system in 2005 and maintains white supremacist ideology, using Nazi symbols such as the swastika and iron cross,” O’Malley noted. “BOWW members have committed numerous violent offenses within the NH State Prison system.”

Investigators, O’Malley said, believe that the gang was trying to expand its operations into the streets of Concord and the Granite State.

“Our concern, we believe, is that they were trying to establish a foothold here," he said, adding that gang members could be identified by tattoos and other markings. “The prison is obviously concerned with this and their activities, attempting to make inroads into the community … it’s an ongoing investigation to try and squish this thing.”

O’Malley said there have been other problems with BOWW around the state but he didn’t know how persuasive they were.

O’Malley added that the reason the investigation took so long is that the agencies have been working together to “establish intel on this gang” and “stop them from getting a foothold” in Concord.

“It was a very violent, serious attack,” he said, “that’s not acceptable behavior on Redington Road in Concord.”

Peters, according to the report, was arrested on June 6, and charged with armed robbery, conspiracy to commit, felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, and criminal liability for the conduct of another, all felonies.

Boothby was arrested and charged on May 29, with armed robbery, first degree assault, second degree assault, criminal threatening (use of deadly force), felon in possession of a dangerous weapon, and criminal restraint, all felonies.

McNair was arrested and charged on May 30, with conspiracy to commit and falsifying physical evidence, both felonies.

jimmy June 11, 2013 at 01:31 AM
prison gang in nh state prison? nazis from conn.? these idiots look like dorks and you call them nazis, that's hilarious.the only gang in nh state prison is the pedophile gang.
ForThePeople June 11, 2013 at 02:51 AM
If they want to join a gang so bad, how about picking up trash on the side of the road? Be the "litter gangstas."
Dave Nelsin June 18, 2013 at 09:39 PM
Look like dorks huh?
Dave Nelsin June 18, 2013 at 09:43 PM
First off BOWW isn't a so called "gang" and this state is so confused with the word GANG. BOWW is not a gang its a brotherhood.
ForThePeople June 18, 2013 at 10:26 PM
Please let us in on the difference between gang and brotherhood.


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