Multi-Agency Moose Hunt in West Concord

Baby moose appears to be having a good time in the city.

NH State Police, Concord Police, and others attempted to corral this moose in West Concord on July 2. Credit: Brian Blackden
NH State Police, Concord Police, and others attempted to corral this moose in West Concord on July 2. Credit: Brian Blackden

New Hampshire State Police, Fish & Game, and Concord Police officers set up a dragnet on the morning of July 2, attempting to catch a moose that has been running through the streets of the city during the past few days.

Police stopped traffic various times throughout the morning to ensure commuter safety while the moose dodged police, jumping fences and running around.

“After a couple of hours ordeal, the moose got penned into the yard next to the Salvation Army on Clinton Street,” Brian Blackden, who took these photos, reported via email. “Not satisfied with Salvation there, the moose headed to Trinity Baptist Church where it found the message to head into the cornfield and woods at the corner of Clinton Street and Langley Parkway.”

Blackden said all the agency vehicles in the area with emergency lights on and officers running through yards “gave the look of a massive manhunt,” but the moose kept running from the law and finally, escaped with officers weary and wet from the late morning rain.

“The only one who looked like they were having fun was the moose,” he said, adding that officers were seen sharing cell phone pictures after the emerged from a cornfield.

Kellie July 03, 2013 at 08:12 AM
They have been adorable to watch. There are at least two different moose, male and female, and both have been in our yard! Three times in four days!
Brian Blackden July 03, 2013 at 11:23 AM
While they are fun to watch they can frighten easily when confused and this one was jumping fences and hedges, so caution is needed when they are around. They aren't typically aggressive, except when protecting their young or cornered, but are so big they can easly hurt someone while trying to escape what they think is danger. I have been within thirty feet of one and they just watch you taking their photo as long as they feel unthreatened and they can get away if need be. That is, unfortunately, part of the problem with building development. Its too bad, because they are an awesome animal to watch and photograph. Encroachment into what they have used as their territory is problematic because they don't get the zoning rules, (lol).
Taffy Johnson July 04, 2013 at 12:27 PM
"West Concord"??? Looks like the South End to me.


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