I am posting this letter as the last of several responses of questions I ask  candidate, Frank Guinta's in emails I sent . Since Frank has elected to remain silent, it is my hope that there are some Frank Guinta supporters out there who will respond.
"I am not interested in how many support you. I am interested in how close you will adhere to the United States Constitution, when and if you get back in office. I don't really care what issues the "prostitute media' will continue to try to create a mandate for. Listed below the most important issues that "establishment prostitutes", both in media and government continue to try to ignore. If you want my vote you will have to answer these questions:
1. Will you call for a full audit of the Federal Reserve? I am personally appalled that candidates and incumbents do not make this a major issue. Where did the $16 trillion go that the partial audit revealed ? I believe that it went to bail out the European Union. What will you do about this?
2. What will you do to stop the impending free trade agenda (NAFTA's big brothers), to partnership our nation, (in other words an ultimate merger) with China and 11 other Pacific Rim nations in the secretly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP); and the now being secretly negotiated, Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) that will ultimately merge the United States with the 28 nation European Union? Do you approve of the Congress giving the president Trade Promotion Authority also known as Fast Track Authority (TPA)?
3. What will you do to get the US OUT of The UN? 
This would eliminate all the controls of the UN tentacles (including NAFTA/WTO), the IMF; and in education--UNESCO, the International Baccalaureate (IB) which is Global UN Education, Common Core, also global education now being rammed down the throats of our citizens contrary to our blessed biblical heritage. Common Core advocates have completely ignored the normal methods of implementing educational programs by somehow "leapfrogging" over our Federal Congress, State legislatures, and requiring local school Committee's to pass judgement on it. Yet, Common Core is being implemented in 46 of 50 states. What will you do to restore complete control of education back to local school committee's? 
4. What will you do to stop the the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) , Granite State Futures, both being manifestations of the UN move to control the world's environment,illegally bypassing in our nation both Federal and State laws and further trumping local law when towns or cities become members of ICLEI. These Agenda 21 manifestations are aimed at destroying private property. Are you for ignoring such totalitarian minded deception?5. Are you for a Constitutional Convention to Balance the Budget? If so, why did you vote to raise the debt ceiling while in Congress? There are many more issues that need to be cited. However, here we will have a true picture of your intentions. You will make no difference if you become elected and become only a "go along to get along Republican" who supports the party over the Constitution." I anxiously await your answers." 
So, let us have some discussion here in Patch about these issues that politicians and most media sources ignore. I Thank PATCH for this allowance of Freedom of the Press not being hindered by political bias. I also invite candidate, Dan Innis  or any other candidates to respond to these questions.
Sincerely & Respectfully,
Russ Payne


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