OP-ED: The Threat of Iran Nuclear Attack on the United States

Dr. Hugh Cort is a Republican presidential candidate.

 By Dr. Hugh Cort
I have been very concerned for a long time that Iran has been covertly working on a nuclear weapons program that is soon to produce nuclear bombs. In fact, it is a possibility that Iran may already have acquired or covertly produced some nuclear bombs. As I warned America on Oct. 6, 2011, on Michael Tobin’s inaugural FoxNews.com/live show, Iran could disguise a nuclear bomb by putting it inside of a Coke machine, and easily transport it through “Iran’s Pipeline to America”, the Iran/Venezuela/Mexico connection. Google “Iran’s Mystery Flight to Venezuela” to see how Iran could bring one, or several, nuclear bombs to Venezuela via the Iran Air Boeing 747 jumbo jet that lands every two weeks in the Caracas, Venezuela airport, and is quickly hustled off to a secluded part of the airport where it is unloaded by Venezuelan security forces who do not allow anyone to come into the secure area. Former Director of the CIA Michael Hayden has expressed his concern about the flight, as has Congressman Eliot Engle, because although our CIA sees the plane landing every two weeks, they have no idea what is being unloaded off that plane.
Then bombs could be given to the numerous Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guards that infest Venezuela, thanks to Hugo Chavez’s close ties with Ahmadinejad of Iran. They could in turn smuggle it up through the numerous Hezbollah that have infiltrated South America, all the way to Mexico to the Hezbollah who work closely with the Mexican drug cartels. FBI Director Robert Mueller has warned Congress that Hezbollah has now come into the United States through the Mexican border, and there are indications, as Congresswoman Sue Myrick has pointed out, that Hezbollah may well be helping the drug smugglers dig their tunnels under the Mexican border. Our Border Security finds about 18 tunnels per year, and blows them up, but the drug smugglers always build more, some of them big enough, as Anderson Cooper showed on CNN, to drive a small truck through.
Once through the Mexican border, the bombs could be loaded into vans and driven to New York and Washington and other cities, and then detonated at a time of Iran’s choosing, and Iran would blame it on al Qaeda. Does this sound alarmist?  What if someone had told you three weeks before 9/11 that the World Trade Center would soon be destroyed, and the Pentagon attacked. Would you have called him an alarmist? To me, it seems really amazing that 10 years after America was attacked by Islamist radicals on 9/11, that our borders are still not secure, and that Iran can essentially bring anything it wants to through that porous Mexican border!
And Iran is much closer to getting a nuclear weapon than many people realize.  As Ambassador John Bolton has said, Iran in August of 2011, just a few months ago, moved its 20 percent enriched uranium (enough, if enriched further, to make one nuclear bomb) and its 3 percent enriched uranium (enough to make six or seven nuclear bombs) to its formerly secret underground site at Fordo, near the Holy City of Qom, and it is not allowing IAEA weapons inspectors in the site. It only takes two months to enrich the 20 percent enriched uranium further to weapons grade 90 percent and only six months to enrich the 3 to 20 percent and then to 90 percent also. So Iran could possibly have several nuclear bombs very soon. Indeed, I fear they may have acquired or covertly produced some nuclear bombs already.
And the leaders of Iran have already produced a video documentary, titled “The Coming is Upon Us” where they say the coming of their messiah, the “12th Imam” or “Mahdi,” is soon to happen, where Iran will usher in the coming of the Mahdi by killing millions of “infidels” in America and Israel with nuclear weapons.  Does this seem hard to believe? Was it hard to believe Hitler when he talked of world domination, and built a war machine to try to accomplish his goal?  Winston Churchill warned the world to stop Hitler before he got big.  Unfortunately, the world did not listen to Winston Churchill, and waited until Hitler got big, and then 60 million people had to die to stop him.  If we let Iran get big, and get nuclear weapons, millions more people will have to die to stop Iran.
Please Google “Iran’s Mystery Flight to Venezuela/Fox News Video” to see my clip about this on Fox News, and also google “Threat of Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions/Fox News Video” to see my friend General Tom McInerney’s clip.  General McInerney is an honorary board member of my counter-terrorism foundation (see AFCPR.org to learn more).
Dr. Hugh Cort is president of American Foundation for Counter-Terrorism Policy and Research (AFCPR.org) and is a Republican presidential candidate.

Liberty 603 December 24, 2011 at 07:30 PM
>> Does this seem hard to believe? Yes.
rick barasso December 26, 2011 at 09:15 PM
Does this all sound way to familiar to anyone else? I believe, we heard a similar story about a decade ago. Thousands of deaths, billions of dollars, huge profits for war profiteers, and a recession later..... We didn't even get an OOPS from those who were responsible for the "misinformation"
James Henry Fetzer December 27, 2011 at 02:20 PM
Hugh Cort has everything but logic and evidence on his side. There is no evidence that Iran has been working on nuclear weapons. But we know that Israel has 200-600 of them. Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. Israel has not. Iran has not attack any other country since the revolution of 1979. The United States has taken aggressive military action against 60 countries during that time. We are the problem, not Iran. The alleged assassination attempt on the Saudi Ambassador was an obvious farce. I find it difficult to believe that an educated man would be taken in by it. I was one of three experts to address it at http://www.presstv.ir/detail/204319.html All three of us agreed that these allegations were simply absurd. The latest attempt to smear Iran on the basis of a default decision in New York is likewise ridiculous on its face. See http://www.presstv.ir/detail/217477.html
James Henry Fetzer December 27, 2011 at 02:56 PM
And just in case there should be any questions about me, I am a Princeton graduate, a Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and an expert on assassinations (see assassinationscience.com and assassinationresearch.com) as well as the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. I also have a column at Veterans Today, where the corrected transcript of my part of the discussion (with two other experts--watch the interview) can be found at http://www.veteranstoday.com/2011/12/24/after-10-years-us-blames-iran-for-911/
John Green January 01, 2012 at 07:15 AM
Iran does not currently have nuclear weapons. If Iran does develop some nuclear warheads, they will do what every other nuclear power does -- they will threaten to nuke anybody who nukes them first. They will not initiate an attack on the U.S. or Israel because both countries are capable of retaliating in kind. The Iranian leadership does not want to see Tehran turned into radioactive glass. All this paranoia about smuggling nukes across the Mexican border ignores a simple fact -- if we didn't carry out acts of war against Iran (like the current sanctions) and if we stopped threatening to invade them, Iran would have no reason to want to nuke us.


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