Posted by Russell Lee Payne , July 02, 2014 at 11:26 AM0MoreThe Common Core of tyranny is everyone is forced to think alike. 
Using an old cowboy term "Riding Herd" on government is right on target, Like cattle, politicians need to be herded. You can trust the basic nature of cattle, but you can't trust most politicians. However, just as cattle rustlers change the direction of the herd, politicians elected to office, betray the will of those who elect them. Their loyalty changes direction following the will of the party elite that usually dances to the tune of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).
Our "educational establishment" like Orwell's Ministry of Truth, dictates to government schools what is true. So blaming our teachers for what is taught in forced federal curriculumns ignores the "root of the problem." First, I agree, using the lingo of those who think we come from monkeys; cattle when it comes to smarts, are way down the evolutionary chain;. Because, unfortunately in the past 20th century we had a revolution in education without God. Is it surprising that politicians without the the mooring's of the Ten Commandments have allowed the fallible opinion of the majority of nine men of the Supreme Court to betray our biblical heritage? Without "moral absolutes", why should we be surprised that government education agendas like Common Core continue to prepare our youth to be more easily herded by the party elite? Without God, morality becomes merely the opinion of men who make unlimited rules. Without the morality of the foundation of Western Civilization, " The Ten Commandments"; who will police government?
I certainly don't  intend to insult hard working cattle ranchers in comparing their herds to those who lead our government. But in Congress, the Executive and the Judiciary branches; it doesn't make any difference, "Donkey's or elephants", are mostly herded by their party and the CFR. Unfortunately, the science of getting elected depends on the "ignorance" of large numbers of voters. Appealing to the "base nature of something for nothing", makes the voter easy prey for party political machines. What's "right  or wrong" become's obsolete. Victory at the polls is followed by the swearing in ceremony. So the newly elected office holder swears his loyalty to the constitution. But without morality "loyalty to the people" is surrendered to Party politics. "You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours", trumps constitutional limits as it's the best way to get reelected. What happens? The government gets bigger: who can challenge their expertise and not be called an extremist? 
Our leaders have continuously acted without the moral restraint by ignoring the Constitution. They lead in Common Core fashion. Look at the 4/24 Wall Street Journal, stating how President Obama during his Asian trip was going to make a big pitch to persuade China to join with the U.S. and 11 other Pacific rim nations in the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership (TPP). We must trust our liberty to non-government organization (NGO) secretly negotiated agreements called TPP and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), (negotiations in process) because we are part of the herd that "Common Core education" has produced. Do you trust unelected rulers like Henry Kissingrrt and Bill Gates who lead the NGO, called The China-United States Exchange Foundation to work hard to benefit the American worker in these secretly negotiated agreements?
If you know about TPP, or TTIP, you'll know that they are big brothers to the NAFTA/WTO con-game that starts with trade like the European EU did in the 1950's. It surely wasn't by accident that these 28 nations were "herded" into this regional government without power to rule themselves. If you don't know about the TPP or the TTIP, the government doesn't want you to know anything anyway. You'll be a good citizen in their eyes. Oh yes, they'll be nice to you when they need your vote. The average American works hard to make ends meet. Meanwhile, too many "political animals" are riding along with the herd, too afraid to make any waves. Folks who care about trumping politics with truth before the "herd instinct" leads us over the cliff that will destroy our liberties, need to go to two email addresses that advocate constitutional limited government. I call them, Freedoms Address: jbs.org and thenewamerican.com. Cowboys and cowgirls, we need to start herding politicians with truth to give them a backbone. 
Sincerely & Respectfully
Russ Payne

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