Fight for Tosh - Please Read

This faily needs help, and Tosh has made so many friends that we all hope for the help to come through for his trials!

Tosh's story;

Tosh has been diagnosed with a rare incurable disease. We are raising money for clinical trials and travel expenses. Please help support!

For years Tosh has always been a special kid. I've had the privilege of watching him grow and make very special connections with my own family including my son. His dad passed away suddenly in June of 2013 and since then, the doctors at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth have been doing extensive studies on Tosh to see exactly what might be going on with him. The results were not what we expected. He was recently diagnosed with a rare disease known as Sanfilippo Syndrome Type A. This disease, sadly, is incurable and affects his entire being both neurologically and physically. The doctors and what little research that's been done has shown that he will only live a very short life span. 
The goal of this fund raiser is to support Tosh and his mother on their journey to the Midwest to begin clinical trials and more research for about 6-8 months. We are hoping to extend his life so we all can enjoy it and be happy together for as long as possible or to even discover something that might help families in the future. 
We are asking for support from everyone possible. Every penny counts and will be well spent. We want to thank everyone in advance for their support no matter how it's received by us. 
Please feel free to connect with both me (Kyle Davis) or his mother, Breanna Smith for any inquiries.


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