Pilates New Body 60 Day Challenge

Of all the programs we run at Concord Pilates, the one that has the most dramatic impact on the bodies and minds of all participants is our Pilates Challenge. Two months of constant training leads to intense focus so you quickly see and feel the effects on your body. And…it’s fun! Yes, we know. But it really is. Not only do you start to see and feel results almost immediately (which is always fun!), but the challenge is designed to foster community. You won’t be going it alone. You’ll make friends and get support and encouragement from other like-minded people who are there doing what you are doing: taking control of their health and their lives.


We will help you set up your schedule and go over your goals, and you’ll earn rewards along the way (because who doesn’t love rewards?). And by the end of two months, you’ll have new habits that will last you a lifetime, along with a new outlook on life! We promise, these two months will stay with you forever.

The challenge starts July 1st~


Visit our website for more info and to sign up!

Concord Pilates

2 1/2 Beacon Street




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