AT&T Expands Digital Life Home Security and Automation to Concord

Nothing deters from the enjoyment and relaxation of a vacation than worrying about the security of your home. In an effort to give homeowners guaranteed piece of mind that their home is safe and sound while they are away, AT&T has come up with a solution for Concord residents!

AT&T's New England team has launched Digital Life in the Concord area to help customers easily manage their homes anytime and anywhere, from their smartphones, tablets or computers. This is perfect for the everyday business person who would like to know that their house is safe while at work or for a family on vacation that wants to check in.  Not only does Digital Life give residence the power to see what's going on, it also allows you to take action. Customers can manage everything from electricity to thermostats from their device instantly.

While all packages are flexible,  Digital Life features allow you to:
  • Watch indoor and outdoor cameras so you can keep an eye on your doors and locks to be sure everything and everyone is safe. 
  • Open front, back, and garage doors remotely for your babysitter, a trusted delivery service – or a loved one that forgot their keys!
  • Remotely turn on your lights, coffee maker, heat or air conditioning
  • Get alerted via text, email or phone of any water leaks – and automatically turn off you're water main if there's a leak
  • Get broken glass alerts in the case of a break-in, and set your program so the house lights turn on automatically as police are called


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